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Default No rose pictures for Shiva

On 8 Jul 2003 03:19:43 -0700, elfa wrote:

.....because the deer ate most of the blossoms and small buds last night
(again). After being hit like that, it takes almost a month for new buds to
develop and produce blossoms.

Oh, man, elfa, that stinks. I am so sorry, for you and for me, as I
was looking forward to living vicariously through your photos and
enjoyng the first pretty blooms I have seen in weeks.

I have no experience with deer, but I wonder if a few of those motion
detecting sprinklers might work? That is the only thing I have heard
that makes sense to me outside the high fences, the idea of which
always seemed to me likely to spoil a pretty garden.

Strangely, my neighbor has a rose garden 15 feet
away which doesn't seem affected and they do NOTHING. The neighbor on the other
side of me has roses with blossoms coming out of their butts but they're also
unaffected. Just me!

I know. The lady down the street who uses a local nursery to spray and
prune and mulch her roses (all modern hybrid teas and floribundas) has
four lovely rows of uniformly blooming bushes. I have said in the past
that I hate how they prune to 12-18 inches every year, but looking at
both of our gardens, they must be doing something right. I need to go
knock on her door and see how she keeps the voles from eating the
roots and killing her roses. This weekend I will go dig the stumps out
of the side garden. I feel bruised, and I know you must too. Bambi my
*ss! Are you too far out to employ a shotgun? G