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Default No rose pictures for Shiva

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On 8 Jul 2003 10:38:25 -0700, elfa wrote:

I'm in the city limits but the city limits include lots of undeveloped open
space with lots of wild life. Being only 1/4 mile from hills loaded with wild
oak trees etc, we get everything from deer to possum to skunk to racoon. What
was left of my roses got hammered again last night and so did my neighbors.

Well it sounds pretty out there, anyway. You know, I have heard of men
sort of, erm, "marking" the edges of the garden with er, um, urine,
have you? Although, it seems human scent would be all over our gardens
without this extra measure. Might be a better solution than that gaggy
rotten egg stuff. I do not like to hurl, and I am afraid the idea of
putting a well rotted egg in a blender is enough to gag me.

Not sure about the pee idea as I haven't seen that mentioned in my Google
search. It could have merit. A friend down the street says years ago she
planted some kind of garlic in her rose garden and it worked to keep the deer
away. She says she neglected to keep the garlic trimmed and it 'took over the
garden' so she stopped doing it. I guess I'm committed to the garlic idea.

Three weeks ago, I got a cutting from one of her roses....'Peace' and started
the propagation process. The deer didn't get these because they're in the back
yard that's gated.

What it looked like when I started:

Now only 3 weeks later, I've got about 2 inches of new growth.

What's weird is that I've got the growth before I have roots showing. I'm sure
they're there, I just can't see them thru the clear plastic. For me that's
really unusual as I get roots way before any serious growth.

I've reached the point were I don't buy roses anymore. I just 'steal and plant'.
I did 14 last summer as a trial. Got 12 to grow. This summer I got 5 far.