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Neil Trotter
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Default Anyone know anything about peppers?

In article ,

Its my first year of growing peppers, I've potted 8 up in pots going
from 4 inches to 8 inches.
They seem to be doing ok (about 18 inches tall but they seem to be
going black (on the stems). Have I done something wrong?

It's my first year too -- so my comments based on comparison rather than
experience. Mine are a little taller, maybe 30-36", growing in a
conservatory, so get a bit of a boost. No blackness on the stems here,
and I can't help you with that.

One of them has a small white flower. Should I pick it off or let it

Let it grow if you want fruit to set :-)

Clueless as I am, I managed to bumble into this a few weeks ago. A lot
of it is overkill for the likes of us (and never mind that it is aimed
at Alberta greenhouse growers), but there is lots of good pepper info



Neil Trotter, Canewdon, UK