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Default Anyone know anything about peppers?

Neil Trotter wrote in message
In article ,

Its my first year of growing peppers, I've potted 8 up in pots going
from 4 inches to 8 inches.
They seem to be doing ok (about 18 inches tall but they seem to be
going black (on the stems). Have I done something wrong?

It's my first year too -- so my comments based on comparison rather than
experience. Mine are a little taller, maybe 30-36", growing in a
conservatory, so get a bit of a boost. No blackness on the stems here,
and I can't help you with that.

My first year too! My (single) plant is only about 9" tall, but it already
has several peppers developing on it. It's on an outside windowsill (in the
west of Ireland). The flowers never really seemed to open - as the petals
spread, the pepper started growing inside them! I have black shading on
mine, too, where the stems branch - and it doesn't seem to be doing any
harm. I'm seeing similar dark shading on my indoor chilli plants (well, a
couple of them) - maybe it's normal? (My chillies are developing nicely,


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