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Allan Matthews
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Default Newbie...advice wanted

Hi, I'm 68 years old and as a teen ager sold veggies off a 3 acre
plot. Kept a large garden for several years but gave up a few years
ago and want to get into a raised garden situation. I have laid up
loose cement block, two tiers high 17 blocks long and three blocks
wide. A heavy layer of paper over the bottom, 8 inches of stone free
sandy loam, 3 inches of rotted horse manure, covered with loam, filled
to top with horse manure and tomorrow I am going to cover it heaped up
with about 4 more inches of loam. I am going to add 50 lbs of
pulverized limestone to the top layer of loam. Its late here in the
season, upstate NY so am going to plant string beans and set out a few
strawberry cuttings. Is there anything else I should do to this now
besides water it? Any suggestions on what I can plant this late? I
plan on a few inches of leaves this fall. Comments would be