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Default Bio-spira seems to be working fine

12 inches of fish plus shrimp should produce enough waste in 20 gallons of
water. This is day 4 and still no ammonia readings.

I'm with Sherry. Keep measuring.

And what I'm saying is that this product is supposed to avoid cycling
altogether. That is the point of it and all its claims. If I'm going to
do a traditional cycling why would I waste money on this?

And I think that's exactly what you've done: wasted money. g Bio-spira
seems to be a better product than Cycle, but still, if you have an
already-established tank, you already have the best way to jump start a cycle.
There's no way anything in a bottle will be as good as mulm from an established
tank. Especially if it's your own tank. Bio-spira is just an artificial
version of mulm from an established tank. A very expensive artificial version.