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Default Bio-spira seems to be working fine

It's not artificial at all! It's actual, live bacteria. Nothing artificial
about it. Have you read their papers?

Yes, I've read their papers.

But there's no way I would spend money on this stuff. It's just a bottled
version of mulm from an established tank. There's no way it can have the
natural variety and diversity of the bacteria from a real tank.

There's some evidence that different species of bacteria serve as biological
filters in fishtanks, depending on water parameters such as hardness, pH,
temperature, etc. That's why mulm from a local tank, especially your own, is
best, since presumably the water conditions would be similar.

If I didn't have an established tank handy, I might shell out for something
like Bio-spira. But why would I, when I have all the bacteria I need, free in
my own tank? It's not like Bio-spira is some kind of super-powered bacteria.
At best, it's just like the stuff you already have in your established tank.
Convenient, if you don't have the real thing, but not better.