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Default Malaysian snails gone wild

Daniel Whiting wrote:
Mine always seem to come out at night when the lights are off and climb
up the sides of the tank.. Soooo, I make the room as dark as I can (ie.
no room lights) wait half an hour then go in and use a net to scrape
them off the walls. I had the same problem as you, and doing that a
couple times brought the population down to a tolerable level.

It's a bit of an odd angle for me to get at the sides or front with a net.
I have an acrylic tank with dual lidded home-made canopy on top. That's
the one maintanence task I didn't plan for when designing the canopy.
Simply trying to get the algae off the front glass requires a fair bit of
dexterity, especially for the middle... which is where of course the most
MTS like to go (perhaps because that's where the power filter output is?).