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Eric Schreiber
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Default Updated Dave's Aquascape website!

"Dave M. Picklyk" wrote:

Remember to cut off the algae infected stuff before dosing with PMDD and
clean the glass.

Good advice, and I've been doing that recently. The situation seems to
be coming under control, finally, with the algae I remove not being
immediately replaced.

I've got some unknown number of otocinclus cats in the tank - they
hide, so I don't know how many are left or if they're on strike or
what. They did nice work initially but simply couldn't keep up, I
guess. Last week I added three SAEs, which are doing a tremendous job,
and staying visible. They're nice looking, too. I'm pretty happy with
them, and may add more in another week or two. I'm waiting to see how
things balance.

I still actually have some dark hair algae on one part of
my driftwood...I don't think you really ever get rid of it.

I get some thick, luxurious green algae on a couple of rocks in the
tank, and I very much like the way it looks there. But despite
frequent attempts at discussing the situation, I can't convince the
algae that the rocks are the only place it should be. My negotiation
skills aren't what they used to be.

Anyhow, keep up the good work with the inspiring pictures.