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Old 18-07-2003, 10:16 AM
Duncan A. McRae
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Default CO2 DIY

I started by drilling holes into the bottom of the filter tubes/inlets, but
I found that annoying whenever I wanted to remove the tube for cleaning &tc.
I have settled on a slightly less attractive method; I put a small
imitation-Tupperware "cup" (3 for a buck at the local buck store) over the
end of the tube, and put the CO2 tube into an air stone beneath it. When I
have the time and inclination, I'll likely drill holes in the cup for the
CO2 tubing, just as I did in the top of the juice jugs. Positioning the air
stone under the cup can be an annoyance, and is often required after water
changes or anything else that nudges the tube out of position.

"Jak Crow" wrote in message

How do you have running "into" your filter?