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dave weil
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Default Lavender Dream?

On Wed, 06 Aug 2003 00:24:27 -0700, Cass

As to Phyllis - YIKES! Even though it isn't a mound anymore, I
wouldn't mind having something like that in my yard! Hmmmmm. Perhaps I
would plant it near the dead maple tree/Cecile Brunner.

Oh, but you'd better check what the color looks like in the heat. Try
one of the Texas supplier websites and see their pix. Even tho I'm in
USDA zone 9, I'm in Heat zone 2 or 3. So colors are intense and dark

It really wasn't the color that struck me - it was the size, shape and
profusion of blooms.

As if the lazy gardener that I am needs another deadheading excercise
in hell...

However, a rose that size would pretty much be out of proportion on my
lot, so I'm probably going to pass. Anything over about 8 - 10 feet
tall is just too big visually. My Aloha and Sweet Briar Rose are about
as big as I want to get. I don't mind big, but big horizontal is
probably preferable to big vertical, especially considering that I now
have two dead trees with climbers going up them already.
The crabapple will be particularly impressive in a few years (I hope)
because, in addition to the Ballerina and Don Juan from below, my Old
Blush climber now has canes that have reached the length to hang from
the higher branches. It's creating a sort of natural archway (if I can
maintain it - I *should* probably build a darned archway, but, hey,
the budget just won't allow it - it's strictly gardening on a
shoestring here at the weil household) Here's a shot:

I oversharpened it a little so that you could see the Old Blush canes
more clearly...

As to Glendorra, I really don't think that any amount of pruning would
keep that great shape from back in April, although I could be wrong,
as I often am. So, I think that I'm going sort of split the
difference. I *have* already taken the longest canes back a foot
though (except for the ones with buds on them...)