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Default Looking for composting toilet users

Someone I'm close with, whom I've visited a lot, set up a sawdust
bucket system, without urine. It worked for years with no trouble to
speak of. They recommend trying, for urine, a long, steep car oil
funnel (no splashback) attached permanently right in front of the
bucket to a hose that goes out to a slotted pipe. Urine quickly
becomes odorous (~2-3 days)' this way a half cup after use could flush
a little watertrap in the hose, blocking both odors from farther out
and from what would be in the trap (which really wouldn't be much,
Gap Mountain permaculture has a great greywater system for very cold
climates which uses one of the original mechanisms of sanitation
system design to automatically release tankfuls to chipbeds, to avoid
small flows freezing and blocking winter flow in outdoor shallow
pipes. There's more to it, which I don't know.

Brian Cady

"Jayne Kulikauskas" wrote in message ...
I am a member of an eco-village ( ) that is about to
build a home based on principles of sustainability. We have reached a
decision (by consensus!) to use composting toilets. We had pretty much
decided to use a built-in mouldering style, comparable to Clivus-Multram.
However we have heard stories questioning the effecctiveness of these and
are now reconsidering something more along the lines of the sawdust toilet
recommended in Jenkin's Humanure Handbook.

It would be very helpful for us to hear about the experiences of people
using composting toilets of various kinds. Can people on either of these
groups help me? (I hope you do not mind the cross-posting.) Are there any
more appropriate groups or mailing lists to which I should pose my question?
Thank you.