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Janet Baraclough
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The message
from (briancady413) contains these words:

I read once it was made without killing the cattle driven by the
Scottish drovers while on their way to market, in somewhat the manner
of the Maasai.

Can any pudding fans confirm this one? Could join milk as a steady
harvest, and the Maasai option adds yet another color to the mix.

Drovers used sometimes to eke out their very basic diet, by bleeding
the live cattle, mixing the blood with oatmeal and cooking it over a
fire (perhaps with a bit of onion).

However, what's called black pudding is a bit different It's a sausage
casing (intestine) filled with a mixture of pigs blood (from slaughtered
animals), oatmeal, fat, spices etc. Still popular in Scotland, Ireland
and north England; my butcher makes his own delicious recipe.

IIRC cattle with a very heavy tick infestation sucking their blood can
become anaemic and weak; so I imagine that routinely bleeding the house
cow would not be feasible. You'd need to draw on a larger herd of blood
donors (same as the drovers and the Masai).

Janet.(Isle of Arran, Scotland)