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Pat Meadows
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Default Hate the thought, the end of summer is in sight

On Tue, 12 Aug 2003 01:11:18 GMT, Mark & Shauna

On to my reason for posting. How many of you are growing (food) through
the winter in any form? I used to watch a show from ME with a couple
that lived near Helen and Scott Nearing (authors of The Good Life and
others) where they would grow inside cold frames in their greenhouse.
Being so far north they would stick to very cold tolerant lettuces and
spinach etc. They also talked about growing leeks in a 5 gallon bucket
under their kitchen sink as I recall.

This was probably Eliot Coleman - he wrote a book entirely
on this subject. It's a really valuable book and called
'The Four Season Harvest'. Coleman lives in Maine, near
where the Nearings lived - they were his original
inspiration to start growing things in winter.

Maybe your library could get it for you - or maybe you could
buy it used. I own this book, and I think it's well worth
the price even if you have to buy it new. It's not a
'coffee-table book' - it's all solid information, very
useful indeed.

(I'm in northern Pennsylvania.) I'll be growing things
through the winter in an unheated hoophouse (if it ever
stops raining long enough for us to build it). I will also
be using a cold frame (if we get it built in time).

Also, I will grow some plants indoors - in our big bay
window. There, I'll grow Spicy Globe basil, miniature
tomato plants (Red Robin and Yellow Canary), Mini-Bell
Peppers, Tom Thumb Lettuce, cilantro, and my rosemary plant.
The window ledge is 8' x 2', so I can fit a lot on it. And
the bay window is huge and faces southeast, there should be
enough light even in winter. I can supplement the light by
hanging a fluorescent light above the window ledge if

You *must* *must* read Coleman's book.