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Bill Beam
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Default Pressurized CO2 tank problem

I had one leak around the valve stem. They use teflon tape when they
should be using pipe dope. I lost a whole tank (have 2 stage reg) and
the guy gave me a new one for half price. Regards

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003 13:34:56 -0600, Chuck Gadd wrote:

Chuck, the valve stems can leak just like an old faucet when turned
on.....and they do all the time....Its just a natural thing....
I am just saying look out, you definately do want one that leaks as
little as possible around the valve stem....since it will always be
turned on....

I've probably been thru 20 or so "trade-in" tanks, between my tanks,
and tanks I'd set up for friends. I have had some nasty looking CO2
tanks, but not one of them has had a leak around the valve stem, if
the valve was opened all the way.

Chuck Gadd