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Default Hate the thought, the end of summer is in sight

On Tue, 12 Aug 2003 01:11:18 GMT, Mark & Shauna wrote:

I woke up for my late night, uh well tinkle, walked out on the balcony
(we live in the middle of the woods miles from anyone so dont worry) to,
well ya know. Being an avid amateur astronomer I look up in the sky to
admire Mars off to the west. Gazing at it for a bit I scan to the east
and egads!!! Pleiades was looming up about 20 degrees above the horizon.
This is always when I know its time to start thinking about winter. Its
a bitter sweet sight in that I love fall but am not too fond of the
labors of winter.
On to my reason for posting. How many of you are growing (food) through
the winter in any form? I used to watch a show from ME with a couple
that lived near Helen and Scott Nearing (authors of The Good Life and
others) where they would grow inside cold frames in their greenhouse.
Being so far north they would stick to very cold tolerant lettuces and
spinach etc. They also talked about growing leeks in a 5 gallon bucket
under their kitchen sink as I recall.
We are planning on the cold frames in the greenhouse as here in WV it
doesnt get anywhere near as cold as ME. What else are you all having
success with growing in the winter months (please include location) as
we are trying to get ready for that part of the year.


The Plieades has/have returned? That is wonderful news. You see,
there is another side to this winter thing. Around here, (central
Texas) it means the start of our second growing season after a summer
of broiled plants and brick-like soil. So preparations are less
drastic, but none the less eager. Round about Thanksgiving, we will
be looking to protect the more delicate plants, but cole crops will
thrive until January (and often straight through if the winter is not

Time to roll back the mulch, cultivate the beds and get seedlings
started for planting in mid September.

Thanks for the reminder that this too shall pass.