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I bleached all my plants today and got rid of some of them. I increased CO2
a little bit and put 144W back. Well we'll see what's gonna happen now.
For some strange reason after I removed all the plants from the tank and
stopped the filter and stir my gravel, my water became a little bit cloudy
and looks like bacteria bloom. I vac the tank (20% water change) It must
clear up in a few days I hope it works otherwise I will scream very very
loud Also I read today that I can fight red algae with Copper. I will
probably buy Plant Gro Iron Enriched and add to my tank it has 0.005% of
Copper. I know it is not nearly enough but any extra copper might help. By
the way should I add Seachem Flourish now? I think I should wait until my
plants recover

"LeighMo" wrote in message
The tank is not heavy planted only half of it is planted. About the

it is a big difference about 2.2wpg on 29G and 65G. When you get 2.2wpg

65G is the same as 3.2 on 29G.

If that's true, then you have to increase your CO2. Get compressed CO2,

larger batches, or reduce the turbulence in your tank.

But I'm not so sure that it's true. While the watts per gallon

does break down with very large tanks, I wouldn't call a 65 gallon all

large. Moreover, it's a very deep tank -- deeper than a 29 gallon, even

than a 75 gallon. The deeper the tank, the more light you need. Your

tank is
25 inches deep. It's awfully hard to light a tank that deep.

it all depends on bulbs. For example my 2 40W Plant gro bulbs (red) = 1

white bulb. I can definitely say that 1 32W bulb is way brighter than 2
Plant Gro 80W (red) bulbs.

It looks brighter to human eyes, but not necessarily to plants. It's the
wattage that matters, not the color. If you don't have enough light over

tank, using different color bulbs isn't going to fix the problem.