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Anne Lurie
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Default Wanted: Tiller repair

Michael, I saw that post too, and thought I saved it, but I can't find it
(nor could I find it on google-groups for some reason).

You did not mention whether you have the owner's manual for your tiller. If
you don't, you might check the manufacturer's website to see if you can
download the manual as a PDF file. For example, if it's a Troy-Bilt, here's
the website where you can download owner's manuals

Anne Lurie
NE Raleigh

"Michael" -nospam wrote in message
I have an old tiller that just won't crank. Seems like a fellow was

on one of the triangle groups offering to perform home repairs. Of

now I can't find the article. I've tried the obvious, new plug, I'm

spark, cleaned the points, air filter, even tried spraying start fluid

the carb. But it will never even fire once.

Does anyone have suggestions for a cost effective small engine repair
person? At home repair would be ideal so I don't have to lug this old
tiller around town.

nc dot
rr dot
com nospam please