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To tell you the truth my plants looks like a shaved cat now and it looks
like I will need all new plants . If you have some clippings I would love
to get some. I will pay for s/h via PayPal just let me know how much and
I'll pay for it. I think you are right about not having enough plants.
Even though my plants used to grow 1 inch a day I did not have enough of
them to get all the nutrients from tank water. Like I said my tank was
lightly planted because I used to throw away lot's of plants every week. I
live in Chicago, IL

"LeighMo" wrote in message
Also I read today that I can fight red algae with Copper.

Don't do it. Those algaecides do contain copper, but they will kill your
plants as surely as they kill your algae. They may also kill inverts like
shrimp or snails, if you have them.

the way should I add Seachem Flourish now? I think I should wait until my
plants recover

Waiting awhile probably won't hurt. Though personally, the only time I

have algae problems is when I run out of fertilizer.

Do you have enough plants? I have some clippings I could give you if you