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Jim W
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Default Unidentifiable wild plant - Help - plant.jpg (1/1)

Franz Heymann wrote:

"Jim W" wrote in message
news:1g021ff.1iv97ht1czt443N%[email protected]
Looks like a labiataea or Mint family...

What are you talking about? I see neither headers nor context.




the headers are unecessary as it was just an encoded file.
The context you can get from the Subject. alone
Unidentifiable wild plant - Help - plant.jpg (1/1) means its a JPEG file format.
(1/1) means its part 1 of 1 part (you can have multipart files eg 1/5,
2/5 etc... these are seen frequently in binary groups. Which as you
pointed out URG is not;-)

I edited the binary completly to save requoting the 3102 lines of that
first post!-)

Your newsreader, OE, may display the OP and its headers differently from