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Kay Easton
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Default Unidentifiable wild plant - Help - plant.jpg (1/1)

In article 1g027s3.ibw10d10kqlqqN%[email protected]
, Jim W writes

the headers are unecessary as it was just an encoded file.
The context you can get from the Subject. alone
Unidentifiable wild plant - Help - plant.jpg (1/1) means its a JPEG file format.
(1/1) means its part 1 of 1 part (you can have multipart files eg 1/5,
2/5 etc... these are seen frequently in binary groups. Which as you
pointed out URG is not;-)

I edited the binary completly to save requoting the 3102 lines of that
first post!-)

Your newsreader, OE, may display the OP and its headers differently from

It's not the newsreader, it's the ISP.

Demon strips off the jpegs completely, so that they are not posted to
any non-binary ng. It would appear Franz's ISP does the same.

Kay Easton

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