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Default hot water recirculator, instant hot water but not a water heating unit, saves water, gas, time,


How is this possible? The ATC2000 has a temperature probe that senses
the temperature of the hot water line. If the hot water temperature
goes down, a small pump turns on and utilizing RedyTemp? patented
manifold the cooled down water in the hot line is flushed into the
cold line and back into the water heater. Hence, you get instant hot
water everytime and no more wasting good water down the drain.

It's cute.
It might even work.
Only $300 per fixture.
Get to see a piece of shit uder every sink.
And an electric cord in your ..
Where is the closest out let to your bathroom vanity?

And you mix water that passed thru your water heater
With the water you drink?
And wait how long before you can get a drink of cold water?

One $75 pump, a few fittings, some wire.
and maybe 50 feet of copper tubing.
Gets it done right, With no inventions.
May want to add remote aquastat
(most expensive item at about $125)
To REALLY do it right.

Same or lower heating bill.
About the Same (higher) heating bill in both cases.

(Unless you insulate the hot water pipes.)