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I figure the Phal problem thread got long enough and I'll start a new one.
I said I would probably try Funginex to start the fight with my Phal
problem. I got some today. We made a trip to the mall today and there is
a Lowes store near there. (I actually wanted to try the Agway store
first but they were closed for Labor day.) I never saw Funginex there
before but it was there.
I'm really posting because there is a name change. They had 3 bottles of
Funginex left and next to it was the same bottle with the new name (and
the words "formerly Funginex" in the corner of the label). Both were
Triforine 6.5% . I bought the new name because I would know what to look
for if there is a next time and it might be a fresher batch.

The new name for Funginex is "Ortho Rose Pride Rose & Shrub Disease
Control". Hey, why use one word when 7 will do? Maybe the Funginex name
will still be around in another product or from another company. I have
no idea.