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Default Mutation in "Goldsturm" Black-Eyed Susans

(paghat) wrote:

In article , "Faye Tarzwell"

The unpredictability of what grows from these seeds MIGHT conceivably
result in something that's actually a sport worth saving & developing
(rather than just the usual reversion to the lankier wild subspecies), &
since the petals on yours are half red, that might indeed be the rare
"something" worth working with to preserve. But to me it sounds like
you're describing a completely different cultivar mixed into the packets
from carelessly sourced & intentionally mislabeled pseudo "Goldsturm"

-paghat the ratgirl

This year I planted two Rudbeckia types from Park Seed: Rudbeckia
fulgida var sullivantii Goldsturm Strain, and Rudbeckia hirta Indian
Summer. The "Goldsturm Strain" plants grew very small with few
flowers, while the hirta Indian Summer grew very robustly and tall
with tons of big blooms.

I think it's best to grow the annual vanities of Rudbeckia (like
hirta) if you want to grow from seed.

It's my understanding that the "Gloriosa Daisy" Rudbeckias were first
bred by Burpee Seed in the 1950's.