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Carolyn LeCrone
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Default an ad I saw for multiple packs Flower Bulbs, Strawberrys, hanging baskets

Since shipping and handling for a $5.00 order or replacement is $9.00, I'm
not sure these are such a great bargain.
"j" wrote in message
saw an ad for multiple packs of flower bulbs, all are $5.00 real good deal
I'm going to order from them, thought I'd pass it around!! the ad is

go to for an incredible deal!!! All flower bulbs,
hanging basket kits, strawberrys, are only $5.00, and best of all they are
guaranteed to grow, or you'll receive a free replacement(you pay S&H),

are in multiple packs, which means more for your garden!!! So go ahead

take look, you'll be glad you did