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Default Oak Trees Dying Off - Update

I had good luck with Matthews Tree Service. I don't have the number
off-hand, but they are in the book. I used them twice, and my contact was
Cliff Feather both times. I got quotes from them and Jordan. They were so
much cheaper than Jordan that I didn't bother to get a 3rd estimate. They
did haul away the trees too. You just need to mark the trees, and they will
leave a written quote in your mailbox, then you can call back to schedule
the removal.


"Robert Gray" wrote in message
. com...
No recent construction and it is a twenty year old house.

Tree cutting man stopped by today - he has been cutting trees for other
folks in the neighborhood. He pointed out that the trees hav powdery

at the base indicating beetle damage. He says it is a southern pine beetle
that will bore into the tree and suck the sap out - killing the tree

a few short weeks. I questioned him about why the beetle didn't seem to
attack the pines, but he didn't have an answer. But, there certainly was
fine sawdust on the bark in many places.

He gave me a quote of $500 to cut the three trees down - no hauling away

the wood. He says that is a discount because I can cut, split and burn the
pieces. I'm going to get another quote before agreeing to his offer.

As for the beetles, well he says that there is a spray that you need to

on the base of the trunks to protect the tress. Something like 'landane'
that has recently been banned becasue of cancer causing, but there is an
alternate spray.

Anyone have any experience with this?


"Elizabeth" wrote in message
Are you in a fairly new house or new development with construction

within the past few years? Construction is very hard on trees. Damage to

root systems begins to kill off nearby trees within a few years. In

moved into a new subdivision that used to be woods. Several of the trees

my lot slowly died, losing top branches first. Others that were not as

to the path of destruction are doing OK. Mulching in a wide circle

the trees seems to help but if the damage has been done, you can only

and see which ones will make it.


"Robert Gray" wrote in message
. com...
Looks like I've lost another three oak trees this year.

Three of them (about 12-14" diameter) died last year, along with a

Common wisdom at the time seemed to be the draught had taken it's

cut them down and mulched the area last fall. As a matter of fact,

one that died the year before that.

Now, I see that two more oaks with trunks 2'-3' wide have been

most (if not all) of the summer. A third one about (18" diameter

some leaves, but the highest branches are barren with no growth.

I have no idea what is going on. The pines in the same area show no
indication of distress. Other than mulching, I don't do any special

like watering, spraying or pruning. They are basically trees in the

They are within about 50-75 ft of each other.

These are big old trees - maybe a hundred years, and it is a terrible

they are dying. But I don't know what to do to prevent it from

Any advice appreciated.