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Default worms

If you build it they will come....

Worms will just show up if the conditions are right - every year when I
compost my leaves there are quite a few worms in the spring...that just show

Worms do not like it if you till the ground - which is why I only till my
garden in the early winter, when the worms have gone done into the ground.

I have dug a few trenches in my yard and I fill them with leaves, the
trenches serve a few purposes, 1 they collect rain runoff(they are on a
hill) 2-they root pruned some trees 3-the provide a good place for the worms
to come to so that I can get them to go fishing with :-)

If you buy the worms and put them around and the conditions are not right,
they will just leave

Worms prefer composted leaves, which is all I put in my garden in the


"Heidi" wrote in message
.. .
HI all,

This may be a silly question, but has anyone ever brought in worms to
add to your yard or garden? I am thinking I would like to increase my
worm population to help aerate the yard, as well other benefits worms
brings. Can you buy worms and relocate them to your yard? If so, do
you know where to get worms? Will the worms sold at fishing tackle
stores work? Are there major differences between types of worms--I
always see nightcrawlers advertised at bait stores.