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Phyllis and Jim Hurley
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Default Landscaping Around Ponds

Maybe people will flame you. It seems to me that cross-posting is not a
problem and is indeed healthy. Open and welcoming communities (open systems
with some structure) get new input and keep order. Rigid, closed systems
must use only internal resources...bad in the long run. If we are open to, our system gets input from that source, or maybe
becomes a workable, larger system including that site. Nutshell: Post away
on and bring us the fruit of your learning.

Ponders of the world unite.


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"BenignVanilla" wrote in
message ...
I usually keep all my water based questions limited to rec.ponds. I

I would ask my around water based question here in,

I was naughty too and cross posted to rec.ponds. Hope I don't get flamed



What kind of issues did you think about as you landscaped AROUND your

and in the area of the pond? I have seen a few in my area that are
beautiful, but they're just plopped into the backyard environment. I am
trying to take some time to make sure my pond follows the grade of the

and the look of the yard so that it appears to be part of the yard, not
dropped in.

Any thoughts?

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