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Default Erin Peat Pots

I experimented this year with peat pots, growing foxgloves and ornamental
kale from seeds.

I potted half the seedlings into peat pots and the other half into normal
small plastic pots. The plants grown in plastic pots are twice as big and
healthy as those grown in the peat pots. I struggled to keep the peat pots
moist, and resorted to submerging each whole peat pot into another pot of
soil, but had no success.

I won't be using peat pots again.


"Philip" wrote in message
What is the general feeling on these?

I am using some for the first time, and they are drying out like
crazy. I have to water every day at the moment. Is this right ?

I was wondering about packing them in newspaper to help retain some of
the moisture.

Any thoughts.