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Default Why is Banboo so expencive?

I'd like to know why it's so expensive too. Different varities are selling
from $40 to $100, and over, around here and it's just grass, for crying in
the beer. If you can get something like black bamboo on E-bay for $40 I'd
say it's a bargain!

"Heidi" wrote in message
Because it is trendy.

Frou frou "garden" shops (S&H, etc...) are banking on people who don't
really garden, and who don't know better, to buy up trendy lucky bamboo
and inflated prices to put in a vase for indoor decoration. It became a
hot item with the fung shui movement. Now you can buy lucky bamboo
inside wal mart (not the garden center--the home decor isle), or at the

It's the same reason gourmet cooking stores sells butane at $12 for a
6oz bottle right next to the kitchen torches. These stores know that
people who shop there don't shop around for better deals.


Dave wrote:

Why is Banboo so expencive?

From what I herd is grown very easily, just divide some and move it and

will begin to grow. I can see pay $5-$10 for some but paying $19-$40 on
ebay is out of my price range.
Is there something I don't know about the high price? Please advise.