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Default solarizing compost

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over the last 2 seasons a problem with anthracnose has developed in areas

plant tomatoes...not really a problem if you can keep the soil away from
the fruit when it rains and soil splashes.

however, i made the mistake of putting some infected tomato waste into my
composter so i am sure that the compost is contaminated.

my intention is to put the compost into large clear plastic bags, wet it
down and let it sit in the sun thereby solarizing it and hopefully killing
any diseases in the compost.

any comments on my chances for success would be appreciated

A little reading tells me that anthracnose is a fungal disease. Even at its
highest temperatures, "solarizing" may not accomplish what you want. That
may even help to propagate the fungus. Here is a good website: . There are tomatoes and compost forums there.