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Mary Fisher
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Default solarizing compost

Better off heat pasteurising it. As is done with commercial composts.

I've often had fungal growth - obvious mycelium as well as tiny fruiting
bodies - in commercial compost.


Ahhh but that could be other things.. ranging from spores already on
plants/seed coats to contaminated water, pots, handling, poor strage of
compost.. (it doesn't stay pastuerised forever you know).

I didn't explain myself properly. I rarely do on Usenet, too busy getting
the essentials - or what I think are the essentials - down.

I meant that I've seen evidence of fungi in newly bought and newly opened
bags of organic compost.

Now that I've got a good supply of my own compost and shreddings I shan't be
buying any more. The hens make a marvellous job of turning and fertilising

The OP asked about reducing fungal growth in own compost. Heat treatment
would minimise this IMO.

But does it matter?

And if it does, how can we heat-treat compost?