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Mary Fisher
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Default solarizing compost

... how can we heat-treat compost?

Sterilisers can be bought or there are various home made versions on the
web. Eg:

For small quantities I belive the microwave can be used..

If you have one!

It all depends on the value of your crop/plant etc as to whether you
bother sterilising or not.. If its rare seed/ or you only have a single
plant it may be more important that it survive than if its a hardy
Butterfly bush or something.. In whcih case clean pots, using
fungicides to water etc etc are important.

And of course storage in a sealed bag post sterilising is important.

There is plenty more information on the web if you go look for it;-)

Thanks, but I really don't think I'll bother, I've never had a problem. If I
do I'll do a Google, thanks for the tip.

By the way, I occasionally have volunteer blewits and oyster mushrooms
growing in our garden :-)