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Default Vortex Settlement Chambers


The vortex that I got is shown on near the bottom of the
page. He has 2, 3, and 4 foot models, with one picture showing all three
side by side and another picture of him standing by the 4 foot model. I
think that mine required about a 4 foot deep hole, but it is mounted on the
side of my pond that is more downhill, and therefore I only had to dig about
2 feet, and build a wall to backfill to the top.

"BenignVanilla" wrote in
message ...
"RichToyBox" wrote in message
I use a 3 foot diameter vortex with a 4000 gallon pond. It does an
excellent job of collecting most of the solids ahead of the bead filter.

Could you post some more specifications? How deep is it? etc.?