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Default lifespan of a rose

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How long can a rose live? I have a rose in my garden that my mother

said she
thought she planted in the 50's. She said it was called "American

It is still going strong.

You honestly cannot believe a rose that your mother planted 50 years
ago is still living. If you do believe in this then i suppose you
would believe anything your mother told you?

No reason a rose bush can't live 50 years, that's nothing as far as plants
are concerned. There is a Creosote-bush out in the Mohave that is estimated
to be 6000 years old, Redwood trees regularly get to be a thousand years
old. Joshua trees, out in Joshua Tree National Forest, average 200 years,
and some live to be 900 years old.

A rose bush in a garden probably gets plety of TLC, if the same owners have
lived there the past 50 years. Plenty of others here have already mentioned
that some roses are several hundred years old


I agree, i think it probably could live for many years. I've been
living in my house for 17 years and the roses are still there and they
look as if they have been there for many years before i came. If you
look after something properly it can life as long as you want it to.