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Diane Mancino
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Default Stanhopia Oculata Question

Gee Wendy, that's real comforting- till then, the mesh pot sides are good
for hanging other orchids that WILL bloom in my lifetime. Seedlings are not
cheap when you think of how long you need to wait while giving them constant


"Wendy" wrote in message
news:[email protected]
Shell, looking at the photo, if it is a 4" pot, I would say at least twice
that size.
You do know that the flower spikes come out the bottom so you have to
put it in a basket. There are wooden slatted teak baskets in differant
You could use a plastice net basket until it gets bigger I guess.
My plant was probably two may three times as big, got it in '96 & first
blooms were
in 2001.
Cheers Wendy
"Shell91" wrote in message
I have just gotten a Stanhopia oculata on eBay. I have been doing some
reearch on the web but I can't find anything on how old a plant has to

flower. Is it like most and needs to be several years old? 218&rd=1

This is the page for the auction. Any opinions on the plant?