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Default Stanhopia Oculata Question

Haven't bought anything else from him yet. Usually I buy something small
from someone I'm dealing with for the first time then if it works out I'll
buy something else. I'm going to try and rig something to hang a nice
basket from so I can put the orchid with the others. I'm willing to be
patient and wait for it to bloom as long as I can keep it alive
Hopefully it won't be one that needs to be 5 years old before it decides to
bloom. The pot this one is in looks to be about a 3" pot so I shouldn't
have any problem finding a small basket for it. Thanks for the tip on over
potting, I'll be sure to get something as close to the same size as


"Diane Mancino" wrote in message
.. .
how ironic Shell-I got one of these last week from the same seller. Did

get anything else from him?

It is a young plant, will need to be in a web pot or wood slat basket-
something that will allow for the flower to spike out the bottom of the

There are several stanhopea growers here- I'm like you, have 2 young

and haven't seen a bloom. I do know they like to be kept moist and warm.
Seems to do better with lots of indirect light.
We will see who's blooms first- at least I can tell you to find a net pot
that is the same size- overpotting to big set my first plant back, and be
careful of the new growths.

"Shell91" wrote in message
I have just gotten a Stanhopia oculata on eBay. I have been doing some
reearch on the web but I can't find anything on how old a plant has to

flower. Is it like most and needs to be several years old? 218&rd=1

This is the page for the auction. Any opinions on the plant?