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Default Stanhopia Oculata Question

My experience,yet not that big, brings me to the conclusion it's not that
hard to keep some of them alive. In a basket I've found they need to be
watered more than plants in pot. I use chikkenwire for the baskets. Easy to
find and easy to work with, I can use them again and if I want to sterilize
them I just boil them in water.

"Shell91" schreef in bericht
I'm checking on basket possibilities and hanging methods Hope I can

it alive long enough to bloom


"Wendy" wrote in message
news:[email protected]
Shell, looking at the photo, if it is a 4" pot, I would say at least

that size.
You do know that the flower spikes come out the bottom so you have to
put it in a basket. There are wooden slatted teak baskets in differant
You could use a plastice net basket until it gets bigger I guess.
My plant was probably two may three times as big, got it in '96 & first
blooms were
in 2001.
Cheers Wendy
"Shell91" wrote in message
I have just gotten a Stanhopia oculata on eBay. I have been doing

reearch on the web but I can't find anything on how old a plant has to

flower. Is it like most and needs to be several years old? 218

This is the page for the auction. Any opinions on the plant?