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Default seasonal borders/10ft thistle!

"Niall Smyth" wrote in message
Hi all

I got my garden landscaped recently
with a very modern feel (I designed it
but got landscapers to do the work)

The planting (at my request) is all
green, but it needs some colour now

Anyway get to the point..

The shrubs are all nice and I want to leave them
so my colour will be filling in between them

So I plant bulbs now for spring, Im okay with that,
but when the flowers are done and leave them in the ground
do the summer flowers go in between them?
Do I / Can I take up the bulbs?

How do you guys know whats there?
Do you have tags reminding you what bulbs are there?

I was looking for showy exotic varieties for all year round
Am I best off with summer bulbs rather that bedders
(The most interesting thing I have found so far is the
frittalia maxima rubra)

I would love to take some digi snaps and
have you guys look at my garden
and maybe give me pointers on plants/ schemes etc
I am really pleased with the structural elements of the garden
but need the plants to do it justice

The 10foot thistle thing is a huge thistle like artichoke family plant
Huge silver grey leaves with large purple flowering heads
(Bumble bees all over them) Anyone know the name. I was lead
to belive that these (3) will die off to nothing in winter and start again
Could I plant spring colour there or would they upset each other?

Sorry this is getting long--Im off

Many thanks


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Thistle thing is either an Artichoke or Cyanara Cardunculus )cardoon)--both
look almost identical--both dye in the winter and resurface early spring.
You could plant a few daffs in close proximity

Fritillaria is a good exotic choice--but I have not had great success moving

Best bed for spring bulbs is to plant them in pots or any suitable
container--sink them into borders and if you need the space after flowering
then remove the pots and let foliage dye back .