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Diane Mancino
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Default Stanhopia Oculata Question

Hi Jeff, what conditions are you growing in, feeding etc. - what ever your
doing I need to try it
"P.J. Bloodworth" wrote in message
I obtained a small Stanhopea oculata seedling from Oak Hill in 5/02 for a
very reasonable $4.00. At that time, the longest leaf blade, not including
the petiole, was 5" atop a pseudobulb about 1/2" in diameter. I placed it

a 10" wire basket in pure sphagnum moss. Since that time, it has grown
steadily longer leaves (5", 7", 6",11") on a single lead. The largest
pseudobulb is now 1" in diameter. To my amazement, I saw a spike this
morning protruding from the bottom of the basket! If this is any

your wait may not be so long.


"Shell91" wrote in message
I have just gotten a Stanhopia oculata on eBay. I have been doing some
reearch on the web but I can't find anything on how old a plant has to

flower. Is it like most and needs to be several years old? 218

This is the page for the auction. Any opinions on the plant?