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Diane Mancino
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Default Stanhopia Oculata Question

haha, Jeff I'm reading this at 2am (heartburn), I got everything but "the
triple-wall polycarbonate". Sounds like it's in a greenhouse. Very different
conditions here in New England, but stanhopeas are grown here. I have the
same seedling that Shell has- These only have 4 -6 leaves in a 3" net pot.
You think it could spike at that size?

I agree with adding more light, mine perked up when I put it outside- I
might need to conceder a grow light since I've put mine inside for the
winter...unless it would like a chill.

I saw a halogen plant light at Wal-Mart- anyone use halogens? Looked like a
good idea for a tight space.

"P.J. Bloodworth" wrote in message
Hi Diane,
I am in humid central North Carolina, and have been growing the plant in

enclosure under a single layer of gray triple-wall polycarbonate, which I
have found cuts out about 50% of the ambient light. It is up in the

where structural members give a little more of an intermittent shading
effect. At any rate, I have observed no burning of the foliage, which
supports the notion that they can tolerate and may prosper in a near
Cattleya-like light regime. In R.O. water, I use Grow More 20-10-20 @ 1/2
tsp gal during spring, bumping it up to 1 tsp/gal during the summer at

watering about once a week. No adjustments of pH have been necessary.
Between watering/fertilizing events, which consist of dunking the entire
basket into a reservoir of the fertilizer solution, I heavily mist the
plants w/ R.O. water once a day in the morning if the surface of the

appears dry. This has encouraged the proliferation of live sphagnum moss
(that probably came with the seedling) over most of the surface of the
medium. Several weeks ago, when the ambient temperatures backed off, I

using Grow More 6-30-30 (Bloom Formula) @ 1/2 tsp/gal. During the winter,
the minimum temperature in the enclosure is about 57-58 F.

Good luck,


"Diane Mancino" wrote in message
Hi Jeff, what conditions are you growing in, feeding etc. - what ever

doing I need to try it
"P.J. Bloodworth" wrote in message
I obtained a small Stanhopea oculata seedling from Oak Hill in 5/02

very reasonable $4.00. At that time, the longest leaf blade, not

the petiole, was 5" atop a pseudobulb about 1/2" in diameter. I placed

a 10" wire basket in pure sphagnum moss. Since that time, it has grown
steadily longer leaves (5", 7", 6",11") on a single lead. The largest
pseudobulb is now 1" in diameter. To my amazement, I saw a spike this
morning protruding from the bottom of the basket! If this is any

your wait may not be so long.


"Shell91" wrote in message
I have just gotten a Stanhopia oculata on eBay. I have been doing

reearch on the web but I can't find anything on how old a plant has

flower. Is it like most and needs to be several years old? 218

This is the page for the auction. Any opinions on the plant?