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Default I give up Gene, how do I do that

"Boystrup Pb, ann,..." wrote in message
I have outlook exspres but can't find anyway to keep it from showing my

Please help

"Gene Schurg" schreef in bericht
OK folks,

All of you are putting your email address out there for the Bots that

the web to pick up.

For example the Bot looks at the news group and sees:

"J. Del Col" wrote in message
"keith" wrote in message


From that they can harvest two valid email addresses.

Go into your newsgroup reader and change the email address to something

invalidates the address you post when you post to this newsgroup such as

The Bot would now pick an invalid email that would bounce back.

Someone manually typing would know to remove the "NOSPAM" to send you a
valid email. It should be easy to do in your newreader software. For
Outlook Express go to Accounts and then pick Properties.

When I did this my spam dropped dramatically!

Now get back to growing Orchids!



In Outlook Express, go to Tools - Accounts.. , then click the "News" tab.
Highlight the news service you use (if there is more than one), then click
properties. In the "General" tab, under user information, there should be 4
boxes. Name, Organization, E-mail Address and Reply Address. Make sure you
keep the "Name" box filled - that is the name we see on your posts. You can
ignore the organization box. Leave the 2 address boxes blank if you don't
want your address public. However, if you want to keep an address visible to
humans, and less visible to address-harvesting bots, try this..

Instead of placing your real email address in the "E-mail address" box - for
, try "peter AT peter DOT com".

Sure, it's not failsafe, but it is fairly effective. I've only received 3
copies of the recent virus that many seem to have been plagued by in the
last week - and I only got them later on - suggesting that it was friends
with an infection unwittingly emailing those in their address book, rather
than a primary address harvest from usenet.

Hope this helps,

Best, Matthew