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Default Good Deal on Pinpoint pH Controller

Thanks for the advice. Happy to hear your pH oscillates only 0.2/day.
Maybe your tap water is closer to neutral than mine but my water comes out
of the tap at an average of 8.2. I'm getting the controller. Hope everyone
turns out okay on the law suit. Don't think PW has a legal leg to stand on

"Dave Millman" wrote in message
Arnim wrote:

I've read the sms oscillates +- 0.2
where the PinPoint only +- 0.1 and the Pinpoint is just of better


Gee, I leave my CO2 on 24 hours per day and it oscillates only 0.2. How

about you skip the controller,
and send half of the money you saved to the Defense Fund, which is a fund

paying for the legal defense of
many of the smart people on this newsgroup.

Read about it he