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Default Shiva - AZ new grower

Darlene wrote:

I followed the instructions on the package[...]

Darlene--I think Bob is right. He is in a climate (zone) more similar to
yours than I am, that is for sure. It sounds like you took good care of
your baby rose. Just a suggestion-for your next rose, please consider
ordering a bare root rose from one of the reputable mailorder rose vendors
like Edmunds or Jackson and Perkins. Most are online and you just order
with a credit card. Although we all buy the Walmart cheapies at one time
or another, it is almost always true that their roots are cut very short
to fit into the packaging, and that is a handicap right off the bat. Good
bare roots do not come this way. They have long, healthy roots. Roses can
be a little fussy, so it is better not to handicap them before you even
plant them, you know?