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Martin Brown
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Default Glyphosate & its side effects

In message , Neil Jones

You are being hoisted on your own petard. You continually repeat a
statement which is OBVIOUSLY not truthfull. Glyphosate is not
necessarily inactivated on contact with soil. There are several
studies which show this and I have posted references before. You don't
need studies to show this because it is an OBVIOUS conclusion from the
nature of the chemistry involved.

Whilst there are some "soils" where glyphosate is not immediately bound
up. They are in general so utterly infertile that you aren't likely to
be using weedkiller on them in the first place.

Glyphosate and for that matter several other common weedkillers are very
tightly bound to clays and/or organic material in soils on first contact
and so physically deactivated. The destruction of the molecule takes
longer but the stuff is very effectively tied up on hitting the ground.
It *has* to hit green plant material to work.

Whilst I don't necessarily concur with the original posters
conclusion, It is not a good idea for you to poke fun and call people
clueless when you post things which, to me at any rate, look as if it
is YOU who does not understand the processes at work.


Martin Brown