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Default A Danger to the World's Food: Genetic Engineering and the Economic Interests of the Life Science

Peter Ashby writes
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GE 101-35S (PA)

The CaMV Promoter Story
The Cauliflower Mosaic Viral Promoter - A Recipe for Disaster?
by Dr. Mae-Won Ho, author of the book Biotechnology: Dream
or Nightmare?


Better stop eating Cauliflower then?

Especially since it is mutant cabbage and we have no idea what caused
the mutation. It might, gasp, have been a virus (cue gameshow style,
tension drums).

It's clearly a hideously deformed mutant cabbage.

God only knows what mutated product it produces that we have no idea
about. I very much doubt it has ever been tested for safety although at
least we know it contains carcinogenic and mutagenic mustard oils.

This post is worth absolutely nothing and is probably fallacious.
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