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Franz Heymann
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Default A Danger to the World's Food: Genetic Engineering and the Economic Interests of the Life Science

"pearl" wrote in message


For most of the 20th century, scientists in British universities
were discouraged from engaging with industry,

Having spent more than half of the twentieth century in the University
world, I know that that statement is pure boloney as far as any University
of which I have knowledge is concerned.

for fear that
such contact would persuade them to concentrate on immediate
technological needs rather than on the more profound scientific
questions. Today, by contrast, contact between government-
funded researchers and industry is, in effect, compulsory in
many departments. The result is that there is scarcely a university
in the UK whose academic freedom has not been compromised
by its funding arrangements.

Please list those University Departments in which academic freedom has been
compromised by its funding arrangements, and illustrate how and why the
academic freedom of which members of staff was compromised.

You are making it quite plain that you are trying to grind an axe from a
position in which you possess neither axe nor grindstone.