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Default experience with compact flash lighting

you are describing basically what I have, except I inject CO2 for the
plants.... other than that, you're almost spot on....

I think the heat will be a factor, but if your light strip has a fan, it
won't be an issue...

I have been growing Java Ferns, Sunset Hygro, Anubias-nana and barteri, Java
Moss, Amazon Swords and Rotala Indica, but am ready for a new bulb....My PCF
is around 16months old and I've noticed lately that BBA(black brush algae)
has bloomed on the filter intake tube, right under the light, so it's time
for a new bulb....

10-12 plants would be considered light planting in my opinion... and since
you did not mention CO2 production, I'd say you are ok with only 10-12
plants.... Any more or any less and you MAY develop some algae, and that
will possibly depend on your fish load... More fish, more food for algae...
but if you have plants, they will soak that up before the algae takes off...
So it does sound like your plan will be ok...

Are you planning on fertilizing?
Injecting CO2?

I've always run about 12 hrs daylight on my tanks.... occasionally I add a
couple hours here and there for our own benefit...

"E.Otter" wrote in message
I'm thinking of using a 55watt 21" long compact fluorescent light over my
29g (30L x 12wide x 18high ) tank.

The distance between the bottom of the light and the hood would be about 1
inche. The distance between the light and the water line would be 3

I would like to plant Java ferns, Java moss, Anubias barteri, and crinium
thianum... maybe 10 - 12 plants initially.

A couple questions.
Would 10-12 plants be considered a lot of plants for this size tank?

Would the amount of heat produced by the compact fluorescent light require
changing from a plastic tank cover to a glass tank cover?

Would this be too little, too much, or just enough light? I would like to
maintain an 11-12 hour light cycle.