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Default experience with compact flash lighting

10-12 nplants is not alot @ all all of the plants you have chosen are
slow growers.

Yes you will probably need a glass cover
I say start with 10 hours since these are slow growers


Co2 tanks on sale
Power compact bulbs and MH the lowest on the net
Eheim PRO II 2026 $143
Co2 regulator and bubble counter with needle valve $75

On Mon, 13 Oct 2003 20:14:32 GMT, "E.Otter"

I'm thinking of using a 55watt 21" long compact fluorescent light over my
29g (30L x 12wide x 18high ) tank.

The distance between the bottom of the light and the hood would be about 1
inche. The distance between the light and the water line would be 3 inches.
I would like to plant Java ferns, Java moss, Anubias barteri, and crinium
thianum... maybe 10 - 12 plants initially.

A couple questions.
Would 10-12 plants be considered a lot of plants for this size tank?

Would the amount of heat produced by the compact fluorescent light require
changing from a plastic tank cover to a glass tank cover?

Would this be too little, too much, or just enough light? I would like to
maintain an 11-12 hour light cycle.