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Nick Maclaren
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Default Agricultural land used as garden ? Was Rotovation

In article ,
"mich" writes:
| "Sad Sid" . wrote in message
| ...
| If I were to buy a little bit of an adjacent field from a farmer to
| extend my garden would I therefore need planning permission to grow
| anything but grass ?.
| It has to be agricultural use. I believe you could put an orchard in such a
| piece of land or grow commercial crops.

Or trees suitable for forestry. Planting walnuts for harvesting a
century or two hence would be OK :-)

| In fact , in some places ( where I live for example) buying a field and
| using it as a paddock would be considered a planning issue. You would need a
| change of use to put horses in there.

That is definitely a good thing! There is far too much land that
has been paddockised, which is very bad for the environment - and
very often not good for the horses.

Nick Maclaren.